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Detalhe de uma noiva e um noivo segurando um bouquet de flores

Still have any questions about your wedding video? Not sure you want to have a video of that day? Take a look at our frequently asked questions, who knows, maybe we can help you?
And if you still have any questions, let's talk!


a man and a woman dancing in the Tuscan countryside

Do you only shoot weddings in Tuscany?

No! We are based in Tuscany, but we love to travel and make films in other landscapes, in Italy, or in other countries. If your wedding is not in Tuscany, just send us a message and we will adjust the proposal to your needs!

Do I really need a wedding movie? We've already hired a good photographer...

We know that photos are the first thing we think of when we want to capture a special moment. But the video goes far beyond recording. It's a way to transport you back to that day, to remember the vows you exchanged and relive every emotion you experienced.

Do you only make wedding videos?

We can also do pre-wedding shoots, marriage proposals, or other types of films related to love.

But we also have a production company that produces less romantic content. So, talk to us ;)

Aerial image of a castle in Italy
A man and a woman looking at each other and smiling with the sun in the background
A groom and a bride walking in a green field

I don't want to make a film because I don't do very well with cameras.

For us, the most important thing is to tell real stories, considering each person's style! If you're one of those people who feels embarrassed just to look at a camera, no problem! We are used to it and will always be careful to make the day as cheerful as possible.

Still in doubt?
Let's talk!

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