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Who we are

Márcio was, and still is, one of those curious boys, who wants to know the reason behind everything! He was passionate about anything that was shown on any type of screen. And that's how he realized that videos could take him to places he couldn't even imagine! He left the countryside and went to São Paulo, where he graduated in Radio and TV and then in Photography. In the middle of all this, he met Paty! 

Paty, also coming from the countryside, knew from a young age that she needed to see the whole world! And that's why he graduated in International Relations! But it was the creative work that left her most enchanted, so when she married Márcio, it was very natural to leave the corporate world aside and venture into the world of videos. 

They became partners and started working with corporate videos and photos. But there was still the desire to know the world and all the curious things there were to know. So, they decided to move to Italy! They quickly fell in love with the climate, the food and the landscapes! The Tuscan landscape brought inspiration to tell real stories, with more love and poetry. And that’s how Verso was born!

Casal de homem e mulher, de mãos dadas andando
Casal de homem e mulher, se olhando e segurando uma câmera
Casal de homem e mulher, com uma câmera na mão, sorrindo


For us, a wedding is not just a day of celebration, it is part of the life story of two people. Everyone's story is unique and must be preserved as something precious. In our films, we seek to celebrate each of these stories completely, translating images into poetry and showing how special your story is.
O que dizem de nós

What do people say about us

No one better than our brides and grooms to tell what it was like to live this experience! See what they think about our work:

Casal de duas mulheres se abraçando com paisagem Toscana ao fundo

Patrícia and Márcio, we loved your work! Thank you very much for all your care and dedication! You are very special, people we loved to meet you and we are proud to have built a true bond of friendship! We wish you lots of love in your life, success at work and that we can meet again very soon... Don't forget about us, because we love you both ♥️

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